Monday, November 30, 2015

Belarusian People's Republic

  • March 25, 1918
    Belarusian National Council, an assembly of different Belarusian political powers, issues a Third Constituent Charter declaring the independence of Belarus under German occupation
  • April 28, 1918
    Belarusian language is proclaimed by the Rada the only official language in Belarusian People's Republic
  • 1918, June
    The white-red-white flag and Pahonia, the coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, are adopted national flag and emblem of Belarusian People's Republic
  • October 11, 1918
    Temporary constitution of Belarusian People's Republic is adopted by government under the Prime Minister Anton Łuckievič
  • 1918
    Marc Chagall, a Belarusian-French modernist painter, completes his Cubist work "Over the town"
  • December 3, 1918
    The Rada of the Belarusian Democratic Republic, today the oldest existing government in exile, moves from Minsk to Vilnius in front of the advancing Red Army
  • December 10, 1918
    The German army retreat from Minsk, leaving the city to the Red Army
  • January 1, 1919
    During Soviet westward offensive the Bolsheviks proclaim in Smolensk the puppet Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic with capital in Minsk
  • January 8, 1919
    Communist government replaces the government of Belarusian People's Republic in Minsk, occupied by Red Army during Soviet westward offensive

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