Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Ottoman-Habsburg Wars

  • August 29, 1526
    Turkish forces of Suleiman the Magnificent defeat the Hungarian forces and kill Hungarian King Louis II at the Battle of Mohács, which leads to the partition of Hungary for several centuries, which becomes the first clash between house of Habsburg and Ottoman Empire
  • October 15, 1529
    Ottoman armies under Suleiman end their unsuccessful siege of Vienna and head back to Belgrade, which marks the peak of Ottoman Empire with the Turks settled in Buda on the left bank of the Danube
  • May 19, 1565
    The Turkish army of 40,000 men under Suleyman the Magnificent begin 5-month siege of the Knights of Malta, led by Grand Master Jean de la Valette with 2,500 troops at their garrison Fort Saint Elmo
  • September 8, 1565
    The Hospitallers defeat the Ottoman Empire at the Siege of Malta halting the westward advance of Islam in the Mediterranean
  • October 7, 1571
    Spanish, Venetian and Papal ships of the Holy League under command of Spain's Don Juan de Austria destroys an Ottoman fleet in the naval Battle of Lepanto, the last great clash of galleys
  • March 7, 1573
    Venice and Turkey sign treaty whereby Venice surrenders Cyprus and pays Turkey a large indemnity
  • July 29, 1593
    The Long War between the Habsburg monarchy and the Ottoman Turks starts since Sinan Pasha's campaign for the Principalities of Wallachia, Transylvania and Moldavia
  • May 1, 1648
    The Ottomans begin the Siege of Candia in order to capture Crete from the Venetians
  • April 18, 1663
    Osman declares war on Austria beginning Austro-Turkish War
  • August 1, 1664
    The Turkish army is defeated by French and German troops in Battle of St. Gotthard, Hungary, which becomes the key episode of the Austro–Turkish War of 1663–64
  • September 26, 1669
    The island of Crete, being 465 years as a colony of Venice, fell to the Ottoman Turks after Siege of Candia, the longest siege in history
  • September 12, 1683
    A combined Austrian and Polish army defeat the Ottoman Turks in Battle of Vienna and lift the siege on Vienna in Austria which becomes the turning point in the Ottoman–Habsburg wars and finishes the Ottoman Empire's hegemony in south-eastern Europe
  • August 12, 1687
    At the Battle of Mohács, Hungary, the forces of Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I, commanded by Charles of Lorraine defeated the Turks
  • September 11, 1697
    Prince Eugene of Savoy leads the Austrians to victory over the Ottoman Turks at Zenta, Serbia, which becomes one of the most decisive defeats in Ottoman history
  • January 26, 1699
    The Treaty of Karlowitz ends Great Turkish War marking the end of Ottoman control in much of Central Europe and establishing the Habsburg Monarchy as the dominant power in central and southeast Europe
  • August 22, 1717
    The Austrian army under Eugene of Savoy force the Turkish army out of Belgrade, ending the Turkish revival in the Balkans
  • August 4, 1791
    The chief item in the Peace of Sistova agreement between the Austrian Empire and Ottoman Empire returns of Belgrade, taken in 1789 by the Holy Roman emperor Joseph II, to Turkey

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