Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Fyodor Pirotsky

  • February 17, 1845
    Fyodor Apollonovich Pirotsky, a Ukrainian-born inventor and engineer, is born in family of Ukrainian Cossacks ancestry in Lokhvytsia Uezd of Poltava Gubernia, modern-day Ukraine
  • 1871
    Russian engineer Fyodor Pirotsky develops a new type of blast furnace
  • February 17, 1875
    Fyodor Pirotsky puts electrically powered railway cars running on isolated from the ground and working as conductors rails on the Sestroretsks railway Miller's line in Russian Empire
  • May 16, 1881
    World's first electric tram, invented and made of two-decker horse tramway by Ukrainian-born Russian engineer Fyodor Pirotsky, goes into service in Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • 1881
    Fyodor Pirotsky meets with German entrepreneur Carl Heinrich von Siemens to discuss regular electric transportation
  • February 28, 1898
    Fyodor Pirotsky, inventor of the world's first electric tram, dies in poverty and is buried on a credit secured by the furniture in the town of Aleshki, now Ukraine

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